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Listserv Guidelines

Forum to list your topic in the message header/subject box. You can suggest ideas, but remember opinions should be supported with evidence and/or research. Refrain from 'I agree' or 'yes' replies. Keep responses positive and constructive. Communicating on-line is very difficult. We reserve the right to delete any inappropriate message or messages not in accordance with these guidelines. This is a subjective decision; but we will use common sense. Solicitation is prohibited.

When you participate in this listserv, you agree that you will: 1. Follow the rules and etiquette; 2. Abide by all relevant policies of Pennsylvania MGMA; and 3. Reserve discussions for medical practice management and healthcare related topics, only.

The opinions and viewpoints of listserv members do not represent the views of the Pennsylvania MGMA or its representatives. Pennsylvania MGMA will monitor this listserv. We reserve the right to remove any material deemed to be inappropriate. All postings, commentary and messages are subject to libel, slander, and copyright laws. We reserve the right at our discretion to suspend or terminate member access to a participant whom we believe violated these rules.

Participants may not:

  • Post commercial or advertising messages of any kind, including solicitations for money, goods or services for charitable purposes or private gain.
  • Submit any false, misleading or fraudulent postings.
  • Use the Pennsylvania MGMA listserv to promote advocacy efforts that are not sanctioned by Pennsylvania MGMA or to gather information or data to support advocacy efforts without first obtaining our prior written authorization.
  • Share medical service pricing or specific reimbursement rates.
  • Post defamatory, abusive, profane, threatening, offensive and illegal content.
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