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Keynote Address

Mike Regina

With 2020 upon us, we are constantly pulled in multiple directions and lose sight on how to maximize impact. Now more than ever, it’s imperative to have CLARITY to become the best version of you in order to elevate your career, life, and relationships. Mike Regina, an entrepreneur who watches the masses and does the opposite, will be sharing principles that will challenge you to think differently, getting you comfortable with being uncomfortable, and share how to develop a life of intentionality in order to produce the greatest ROI.

CLARITY is a decision and movement. Without it, you will be leaving opportunities on the table that are yours for the taking. See it, Believe it, Live it, because your future depends on it.”

General Session:

Build Your Future, Today!

Mike Regina

Now that the roadmap to gaining CLARITY is established, it’s time to bring your vision into existence. There is great truth in the old saying, seeing is believing. In order to help you see that through, Mike will be leading a teambuilding workshop that will ignite your creative juices and help you visualize your future accomplishments. Build your future, today!

Breakout Sessions:

Confessions of a (Now) Unemployed Practice Administrator:  Common Employment Law Mistakes made by Medical Practices

George Hlavac, Esq.

In this hypothetical-based training, George will address several hypothetical situations and attendees will try to identify the employment law issues and how to handle them.  Topics will include:  harassment; ADA/FMLA; medical marijuana; drug testing; retaliation; compensation issues; discrimination claims.

Election 2020: How Presidential Candidates’ Healthcare Proposals May Affect Your Practice

Sam Cohen, Curi

Presidential candidates on both sides of the aisle have presented ideas to “fix” our country’s healthcare system. It’s nearly impossible to know exactly how these proposals will affect your practices and our country’s patient population on the whole. But, it’s important to understand the potential implications of the various policies and programs that are being presented to voters. This presentation will provide an overview of those proposals, discuss possible implications, and outline some ways you can start to prepare no matter who ends up in the White House and in control on Capitol Hill.

21st Century Medical Practice Transformation: A Call for Meaningful Mentorship & Caring Leadership

Kimberly Delbo & Angela Hummel, Radiant and Resilient Leadership LLC

Mentoring is more of an affair of the heart rather than the head. It’s a two-way relationship based on trust. In short, a mentor provides a mentee directional guidance, instills values in the mentee, and fosters confidence and can help build leadership, value, and character. Unlike a preceptor who sets specific goals in a limited time frame, the mentor-mentee relationship is enduring, dynamic, and usually synergistic. Often times the relationship changes over time to meet mentee’s and mentor’s needs.

This session will explore mentorship trends in healthcare and a model used successfully for mentorship in nursing and how we can apply it to all levels of the care continuum. The benefits of mentorship will be delineated. The session will also discuss how mentorship can enhance career development and leadership skills for both mentors and mentees and lead to higher levels of employee engagement. Mentorship will be aligned to transformational, caring, and innovative leadership models.

Emerging Providers: Managing Millennial Patient and Staff Expectations

 Nick Korom, PNC Bank

As we enter a New Decade in 2020, the generational shift is taking form before our eyes. The patient/consumer population is developing to a point where the Millennial Generation is a focus of the consumer, patient, and staffing population in Healthcare. Understanding the Millennial Generation, their buying trends, staffing opportunities/challenges, and how they react to the overall experience within your practice/Healthcare organization, will help to build a differentiated patient experience, as well as, assist in the growth of your organization.



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