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Ignite Your Passion, Find Your Purpose
Mike Regina

2020 has been a year of uncertainty. Many of us are struggling to plan the future and identify our purpose. But it’s up to us to push forward, create our mindset and succeed. Joshua Marine said, “challenges are what make life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.” If you’re reading this, you are an overcomer. You didn’t come this far, to only come this far. Lets get intentional with every step we take towards our goals. More importantly, let’s end 2020 and begin 2021 with clarity on what we want and how to get there. Mike Regina, an entrepreneur who watches the masses and does the opposite, will be sharing how to Ignite Your Passion and Find Your Purpose. Additionally, he will be challenging you to think differently, getting you comfortable with being uncomfortable, and share how to develop a plan of intention in order to gain clarity going forward.

Consumerism Trends That Will Reshape the Future of Healthcare Delivery 
Nick Gaudiosi, The Safeguard Group

With rising costs, declining quality and outcomes that don't live up to other developed wealthy nations, the US Healthcare System has not provided the value that consumers want or need compared to other segments of the economy. This informative and riveting piece looks at one healthcare executive's personal and professional healthcare experiences. He tells viewers why many aspects of the healthcare system have failed consumers and why the rapidly growing wellness economy could change attitudes towards mental and physical health. A new-age health consumer has arrived; one who doesn't settle for their parent's healthcare status quo and who demands consumer grade experiences. This presentation will look at provider and patient consumerism trends that are reshaping the healthcare landscape. Learn ways your to prepare your practice for the patient of the future and how to thrive in a new normal. Learn what employers are doing as healthcare as generational shifts play out and people find better and less expensive ways to provide insurance and care for their employees and families.

General Sessions

Pandemic Law: A Strange New World


This presentation will address the employment law issues that all hospitals and medical practices have been struggling with during the COVID-19 pandemic, including:  furloughs, layoffs, recalls, unemployment compensation, discrimination claims, child care leave, ADA and FMLA problems, and many others.  The presentation will include a 15 minute general Q&A to answer pandemic-related employment law questions that attendees may have.

Emerging Providers: Managing Millennial Patient and Staff Expectations

Nick Korom, PNC Bank

As we enter a New Decade in 2020, the generational shift is taking form before our eyes. The patient/consumer population is developing to a point where the Millennial Generation is a focus of the consumer, patient, and staffing population in Healthcare. Understanding the Millennial Generation, their buying trends, staffing opportunities/challenges, and how they react to the overall experience within your practice/Healthcare organization, will help to build a differentiated patient experience, as well as, assist in the growth of your organization.

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